Dante looks longingly at Beatrice (in yellow) as she passes by him in Dante and Beatrice by Henry Holiday

तुम नाराज़ भी नहीं हो
मैं मनाऊँ भी तो कैसे
बड़ी दूर जा चुकी हो
पास आऊँ भी तो कैसे

तुम जहाँ कहीं भी जाओ
मैं पीछे-पीछे आऊँ
तुम कहीं भी लड़खड़ाओ
मैं कूद कर बचाऊँ

किन्तु तुम गिरी ही नहीं
मैं उठाऊँ भी तो कैसे
तुम नाराज़ भी नहीं हो
मैं मनाऊँ भी तो कैसे

तुम कभी भी कष्ट पाओ
मैं हर तरह घटाऊँ
सर्द में गर्मी बन कर
रोग में अंग दे दूँ

पर कष्ट कब है तुमको
मैं जानूँ भी तो कैसे
तुम नाराज़ भी नहीं हो
मैं मनाऊँ भी तो कैसे

चाहता हूँ कुछ मैं देना

Credits: Rilsonav

Productive capital is built up by the creation of a permanent and irrepayable debt owned by the investor and owed to him in perpetuity.

Frederick Soddy, The Role of Money, 1934

Shocking titles are usually misleading, at least partially. However, if you stay with me for a few minutes, I hope to convince you that almost complete loss of confidence in currencies and the resulting collapse of the financial system is the most probable course of future; in fact it may be almost inevitable.

Let’s start with a 100 people at a place making 200 pencils a year. They…

मेरी समाधि पर खड़े होकर मत रोना,
मत समझना मुझे मज़ार में सोया हुआ,
मैं तो नभ की पवनों में बहता हूँ,
तराशे गए हीरों में चमकता हूँ,
भास्कर की किरणों से नहाई लहलहाती,
पक्व फसलों की आभा में रहता हूँ,
मधुर पतझड़ की वर्षा में मुझे पाओगे,
प्रातः की नीरवता में जब तुम आँखें खोलते हो,
आलस्य को परास्त करते चैतन्य में मुझे देखोगे,
चक्रीय उड़ान भरते शान्त विहगों के बीच मैं हूँ,
नन्हें टिमटिमाते तारे की भाँति रात में चमकते हुए,
मेरी समाधि पर खड़े होकर आँसू मत बहाओ,
मैं नहीं वहाँ, मैं अमिट बना।

- यशवन्त (मेरे पिता)

The Indian response to the COVID-19 emergency is being led by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

India’s efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have been quicker, earlier, and more far-reaching than most other countries. However, sections of media and public have repeatedly raised concerns that India is not testing adequate number of people.

These concerns are based primarily on two fallacies. We look at them one by one.

Fallacy 1: The total number of tests conducted by India is inadequate

This fallacy is derived from the fact that, while India has conducted more than 25,000 tests by March 25, many other countries have conducted many times more [1].

Almost everybody would agree that comparing the absolute number of tests does not make sense, given the vastly different scenarios…

Why has greed become such an integral part of the human condition while other species have remained relatively aloof? What led to evolution of extreme greed in modern humans alone? Can it be one of the causes of the fall of civilizations throughout the world? What has kept the modern civilization relatively protected and stable? What steps can we take to strengthen the resilience of modern civilization?

The strange limitlessness of human greed and desires

We seem to be the only species who experience absolutely limitless greed and desires. Almost all human problems, both at individual and societal levels, emanate from this limitlessness of our desires and complete absence of any kind of long-term contentment.

Individually, almost all of us are deeply discontented with the state and quality of our lives. Even though our basic needs are more assured than at any other time in history, our secondary, tertiary and quaternary “needs” have taken their place.

Whereas a few centuries ago, large sections of population desired assurance of food, clothing and shelter, today large sections…

Ritesh Singh

Awaiting death 🙂

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